Software Engineering

We have been creating software for decades, and we take software engineering seriously. ai-Design offers free and custom software. Let us help you find and implement the best and most affordable software that you require.

Our talents include software design, development, maintenance, and modifications for Internet-related and intranet-related systems. We specialize in e-Commerce, Financial Systems, Data Collection, Social Networking, Database Systems, and more. Our skilled programmers have extensive experience with the most popular operating systems including:

  • Windows®
  • Macintosh®
  • Linux® and its variants like OpenSUSEā„¢
  • UNIX® and its variants like FreeBSD®
  • and many more!
Efficient and effective software engineering is both an art and a science. Our president has two Masters Degrees in the fields of Web-based Systems and Software Engineering. We work with numerous computer languages including:
  • HTML and DHTML
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Perl
  • C
  • CGI
  • SQL
  • and more!
We have worked with Small Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations, Large Corporations, Universities, and City, County, State and Federal government agencies. We specialize in transforming your software needs into reality. Contact Us to discuss your project.

ai-Design, LLC

We will help you with all of your software needs.

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